Great to be back in Bloomington!

Hello readers!

Wow. What a summer. Eleven weeks, amazing clinicians, new friendships to last a lifetime, musical experiences galore, and of course, enough magic to last me for a while. I’m still in disbelief that the 2011 AACB performed about two hundred sixty times this summer…the sets add up after “five times a day, five days a week!”

I’ve learned so much. The world is so big, and I’m so thankful to all who made it possible for me to explore the wilderness of the music community at Disney and beyond. Studio playing, touring, clubbing, recording, producing, engineering, composing and arranging, performing, sight reading, the list goes on of how much information was crammed into my head.

To my newest friends, you are all incredible musicians and even better human beings. I said it before, but in being an only child I never thought it was possible to exist peacefully with so many people for so long. All of us striving for the same goal…the perfect show…and all the while, supporting each other through our musical and personal challenges made for a tight-knit family. Thank you, thank all of you.

I’m back in Bloomington now, and writing to you on the evening of my first day of classes. This year will be packed with challenges and adventure for me. I’m taking the Honors section of music theory and an ear training class. I will be studying Jazz Arranging with Brent Wallarab this year and taking a class about the business of the arts in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. I’m excited for the total package!

I’m ready to take all the things I’ve absorbed from my AACB summer and hit hard this semester. Forward thinking ideas, instant perfection, and an open mind to all music is where my attitude is going.

Thanks for reading, and check back often! Back to the woodshed for Shiney!