BASICALLY BAKER VOLUME 2, Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra (2016)

“Kirsten’s First Song” by David Baker

Soloists: Luke Gillespie (piano), Mitch Shiner (vibraphone), Dave Stryker (guitar), Randy Brecker (trumpet)

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OUR BROADWAY ROMANCE, Daniel & Heather Narducci (2015)

“Tonight” by Leonard Bernstein, arr. Scot Woolley

Recorded drums and percussion


THE LOOK, Marlin McKay (2015)

“Rhyne for Lemon Vine” by Marlin McKay

Featuring Stefon Harris and Bobby Floyd

Recorded percussion

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GREEN, Charlie Ballantine (2015)

“Folk Hero” by Charlie Ballantine

Recorded drums and percussion

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NATE THE GREAT, Nate Johnson and the Keepers (2014)

“Not Gonna Take it Anymore” by Nate Johnson

Recorded drums

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