New Year = New Band

Hello Readers!


I know I haven’t written in quite some time, but I wanted to at least make some mention on this blog about my new band. It is a sextet, with two horns, piano, bass, and drums, and I am playing vibraphone! I am very excited to premiere this new group along with new arrangements and compositions on Friday night at Cafe Django in Bloomington!

Lately I’ve been focusing my efforts on learning how to play the vibraphone. For a drummer, learning Jazz melodic and harmonic language can be quite difficult. The easiest way for most is to transfer his or her piano knowledge to the vibes. After all, it’s still a percussion instrument!

I really enjoy being a “horn player” when I play vibes – for so long as the drummer, I’ve been trapped behind the set! As a vibist, I can play melodies, take improvised solos with three whole octaves of notes, and play chords with four mallets to accompany other soloists! It has been a wonderful learning experience and challenge in getting my technique and compositions together for this performance.

I hope to see you out at Cafe Django on Friday night!


Keep on Swingin,