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April 15, 2015: All About Jazz, Angelo Leonardi (from Italy)

Una splendida sorpresa! Il debutto di Mitch Shiner a capo della BloomingTones Big Band è un’ulteriore dimostrazione che il lavoro orchestrale negli Stati Uniti attrae molti giovani talenti e si configura come una vera tendenza.
Abbiamo già considerato alcune ragioni in precedenti articoli ma possiamo aggiungere il prezioso apporto dato dalle università sparse nel territorio americano. Per capirci, non esistono solo il Berklee College of Music o il New England Conservatory e il disco lo dimostra. Questa è un’orchestra di ragazzi, a cui si sono aggiunti alcuni insegnanti di Shiner all’Indiana University: il nome più noto è quello del trombonista Wayne Wallace.


January 29, 2015: Improvijazzation Nation, 

“If you aren’t gliding after you listen to the highly spirited opener, “Dragon Express“, someone must have clipped your wings along the way…. man, this is lush, rich & lively!  His drumming & percussion have a lot to do with how stellar the energy is on each of the tunes the band plays for you.”


January 15, 2015: Vibraphonist Joe Locke

“I was knocked out by Mitch Shiner’s FLY recording! He is an articulate and creative composer / arranger and I’d have been impressed enough if that were the extent of it. But he’s also a terrific vibes player, with a very expressive sound and approach. I’m very much looking forward to what he’s going to do next!”

October 27, 2014: Bird is the Worm, Dave Sumner

A solid big band session from Mitch Shiner and the BloomingTones Big Band. … Exhibit A is the way vibes lead out on the classic “When You Wish Upon a Star.”  It gives the impression that this will be a track that tamps down on the enthusiasm and sticks to a moodier expression. … Speaking of surprises and kitschy, Shiner’s down-the-center approach to Burt Bacharach’s “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” is far more successful than it has any right to expect. … A very promising debut.  Also, a nice glimpse of the University of Indiana music scene.


October 23, 2014: Jazz Weekly, George W. Harris

Mitch Shiner leads the Blooming Tones Big Band here as he supplies drums, vibes and percussion, and Wayne Wallace helps his ex-sideman out by producing the hot blooded session and bringing his trombone along for some nice solo contributions. A mix of covers and originals keep things fresh, and the charts are filled with exciting moments.


October 14, 2014: Smooth & Soul, Woodrow Wilkins

Fly! is the startling debut of Mitch Shiner and the BloomingTones Big Band. The percussionist, composer and arranger is a protégé of trombonist Wayne Wallace and follows the trail blazed by other products of Indiana: Freddie Hubbard and Wes Mongtomery among them.


September 29, 2014: Blaze Radio, Albert Pride

Included as #15 on Blaze Radio’s “Top 25 Progressive Jazz CD List”!


September 17, 2014: Wondering Sound, Dan Sumner

Solid big band session led by vibraphonist Shiner. The album’s strongest quality is that the ensemble insinuates a Big Sound more often than they show it. It’s that show of restraint that creates tension while allowing room for strong melodies and delicate solos to hover at the forefront of the compositions. The arrangements provide an essential quality of differentiation between tracks, which gives the album an expansive range of expressions totaling to something much much more than here’s-another-big-band-album.


September 10, 2014: IU JAZZ Blog, Jacobs School of Music

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Alumnus, Mitch Shiner ( Jazz Studies ’14), is releasing his debut CD, “Fly!” on August 19th, 2014. “Fly!” features 19 IU Jacobs School of Music students, making up the BloomingTones Big Band. The album also features five IU Jacobs School of Music Jazz faculty: Jeremy Allen, Pat Harbison, Michael Spiro, Wayne Wallace, and Dr. David Baker.  Shiner composed and arranged all the music on the CD. “Fly!” has five originals and five arrangements, including “When You Wish upon a Star,” and Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” Co-produced by Mitch Shiner and Wayne Wallace, “Fly!” is available via Patois Records on Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.


September 6, 2014: Latin Jazz Network, by Oscar Montagut

As soon as I played the first track on Mr. Shiner and the BloomingTones Big Band ´s debut album, I was astonished by the powerful, pure and jazzy style they could create. The first theme “Dragon Express” (one of his original compositions) is a delectable jazz piece where each member of this great band contributes with attitude and great brilliance to the cadence and melody of this theme.

The leader of this project is a virtuous musician, a percussionist who can play drums, the vibraphone and congas.


September 5, 2014: Jazz & Tzaz / Vinylmine, by Phontas Troussas (Greece)

Review from greece

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Of the ten configurations CD is half of Shiner and the other half more or less standard (the “When you wish upon a star” of Leigh Harline and Ned Washington from the Pinocchio Walt Disney, the “Raindrops keep falling on my head “by Burt Bacharach, the” Brother to brother “of Gino Vannelli). But what impresses is not necessarily the covers (the “Brother to brother” song that remains is apaichto after building a lounge-crime climate, not far from the OSTs on the sixties), as the original material, proving his versatility Shiner of the composition, the general command, but also to handle the drum set.


August 19, 2014: London Jazz News, by Donald Helme

If you take casual note of the education of current American jazz musicians, you could be forgiven for thinking there is only one school – Berklee in Boston. That would be an underestimation of the abundance of jazz faculties that exists in the U.S., and the large number of student bands there are across the country, often of startling quality.

I mention this because Mitch Shiner’s Big Band comprises recent graduates of Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, based in Bloomington, Indiana (Blooming Tones…geddit). And it has all the polish and snap that you’d expect from a well-drilled group of enthusiasts at the start of their careers. It swings hard at every opportunity. The leader, a fine drummer who drives the band in, dare I say it, an old-fashioned way, also features on vibraphone on several tracks, playing vibes in the school of the Indiana-born Gary Burton.


August 12, 2014: Jazz Music, by C. J. Bond

MITCH SHINER and the Blooming Tones Big Band! Now this is an interesting crew to be around; as exciting and original as they can be: right now! There are lots of musical twists and turns to savor from the bandstand, along with Shiner’s aim for “FLY!” To “…bring the big band back to the people“; an objective boldly driven by youthful enthusiasm, originality, intrepidity, modernity and an avalanche of new ideas which makes this big band boldly forward-leaning, and cutting-edge.

Altruism aside, Shiner and the band play an original, not predictable, but entertaining debut program, half of which are Shiner compositions: showing that he has an ear for interesting, controversial young artists making the music scene, he includes Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball – Oggun); a genre-vaulting musical broadside, characterized by a dizzying complex of involved arrangement of parts pursued with power; bringing the big band sound not only to the ‘people,’ but also to the young.


August 2, 2014: Bop-N-Jazz, by Brent Black

Mitch Shiner wants to bring big band back to the people…I believe he will! Drummer, vibraphonist and percussionist Mitch Shiner is releasing an outside the box big band smoker that seems destined to turn some heads in short order. Recorded on the Wayne Wallace label Patois, Shiner offers up an eclectic and highly accessible release Fly!


August 1, 2014: All About Jazz, by Dan Bilawsky

“Hoosier Jazz” isn’t an actual sub-genre of music, but that geographical tag fits this album so well. Drummer/Percussionist Mitch Shiner, a graduate of Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, put together a Bloomington-based big band built around his IU chums, be they students, alums, local hotshots or professors. Then he simply fed them some killer arrangements and let them spread their wings.

Fly!, the maiden voyage of Mitch Shiner And The BloomingTones Big Band, is a tight set that sparkles with ingenuity.


July 25, 2014: Midwest Record, by Chris Spector

And the Gulch releases yet another hot, young jazzbo into orbit. Preparing for this debut since he first started banging on drums in Milwaukee when he was eight, Shiner puts it all together with the surety of someone that knows he has nothing to prove. Another one of those drummers that knows how to give everyone else some, Shiner’s vision of big band is right in the moment and looking forward.